Lincoln Woman Finds Pets Dead

A Lincoln woman came home to find her pets had been killed and there was a threatening note left for her as well. Now police are searching for who's responsible. Luckily, Christi Clements and her mother weren't home, but what they found later was a sickening sight. Now they're fearful for their lives. Christi Clements got Oreo (her dog) two years ago. She and her new boyfriend were moving into an apartment that accepted pets this weekend. But now their plans have changed. Both her pets were found dead.. Her dog was beaten to death and the parrots head was ripped off. Christi feels her ex-boyfriend 26 year-old Jason Woodman is to blame. Police want to question Woodman to see what he knows about this incident.. But they have not called him a suspect. Christi says she suspects Woodman because she says he's threatened her dog's life before, trying to hold on to their relationship. Police found what they believe may have been the weapon in the lawn of this neighbors yard, a bloody golf club. Chrisi says there was another incident just three weeks ago, her car was vandalized. She found her windows broken out and the word “dead” written on her trunk. Now Lincoln Police are looking for Woodman so they can question him. They want to get to the bottom of this before more lives are hurt.

Whoever is caught and held responsible for this crime would face charges of burglary, cruelty to animals, and making terroristic threats. Those charges could result in more than 25 years in prison and 35-thousand dollars in fines. If you know the whereabouts of Jason Woodman.. Call crimestoppers at 475-3600.