Lincoln woman loses savings for son’s medical bills in robbery

By: Jenn Schanz

May 29th began violently for Heather Armstrong and her 9–year–old son Braedon, who is autistic and has Leukemia.

After waking up to a loud knock, Heather got up to answer the door.

“Before I could even understand what was happening, I just saw two masked men,” she recalls.

She says she was thrown to the grown, grabbed by her hair, and held at gunpoint.

“He was yelling 'where's the money, where's the money' and my son was in there asleep. I tried to get up and I said I'll give you the money, just don't wake my son up, don't let him see me with a gun to my head.”

She says the two men who robbed her took a safety deposit box, where she was keeping personal information along more than $7,000 for her son's bone marrow transplant.

“I feel extremely betrayed,” she says.

Heather feels she was targeted for the money.

She's staying with a family member for now, and says she's getting support from her church.

But because of the loss, her son has had to postpone a summer school program.

Heather says she doesn't expect to get anything back, she just wants justice.

“I want them to be put in jail and think about what they've done.”

To help Heather with Braedon's medical expenses, you can donate to the Braedon Michael Lee fund at West Gate Bank.