Lincoln woman shares her story of surviving domestic violence

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Domestic violence is no stranger to LincolnLincoln police made over 800 domestic assault arrests in 2014.

Victims like Amy Bolton Mundell often find themselves stuck and powerless in their marriages.

Bolton Mundell’s marriage took a turn for the worst when her husband’s emotional and financial abuse took over her life.

Bolton Mundell said, “We were getting evicted from apartments he didn’t work jobs and I was in trouble all the time because I wasn’t getting the bills paid. Our world was falling apart. He wasn’t doing anything but he expected me to do it but it was always my fault and you begin to believe it.”

She says she was too embarrassed to leave her marriage and didn’t know where to turn. Until a counselor suggested the Organization Voices of Hope.

A center created to help and protect people experiencing violent relationships, sexual assault and abuse.

Bolton Mundell said asking for help can be a scary step to take.

“It’s scary because you’re putting your safety and the hope of your future in the hands of someone else and hoping someone else can help you find that courage in the pit of your stomach that somebody has already ripped out of you.”

Located at 26th and N Street, Voices of Hope offers all of their services for free.

From safety planning to protection orders, the center is always open to walk–ins.

Communications Director at the center, Patsy Martin said it’s about listening to every individual’s story and offering them options.

“We’re a safe place for them to come, we’re a confidential place for them to come and we won’t make decisions for them they’ll make decisions for themselves we’ll listen and support those decisions.”

Counselors and support groups are also there for victims.

Bolton Mundell said, “When you hear that voice in the back of your head saying i can do it yeah you can do it. Sometimes it’s one step forward and 12 steps back but you can keep taking that step forward because it is always one step forward from where you were before.”

Amy tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News she is doing great now, she has an amazing relationship with her children, pursuing a college degree in communications and working a great job.

For more information on Voices for Hope you can visit them at 2545 N Street, call 402-476-2110 and visit their website at

Their 24-Hour Crisis Line is 402-475-7273