Lincoln’s Smoking Ban Will Be on the November Ballot

The Lincoln smoking ban is now set to go on the November ballot. The City Council held a special meeting Friday morning to decide on the wording that will be used. The City Attorney had recommended a simple yes or no vote on the 100% smoking ban. But the Council decided that the ballot question will now have voters decide which smoking ban they want. A “yes” vote is for a total, 100% ban of smoking in public places.

A “no” vote goes to a 60-40 plan that exempts establishments that make at least 60% of their revenue from alcohol sales. Council members say they're relieved it's now in the hands of the voters. However, Friday's vote did not get unanimous backing. Some council members say the initiative is confusing. If Lincoln voters turn down the full smoking ban, the Council will go back and re-evaluate a 60-40 plan it initially approved.