Lincoln’s streets filling with runners from across the country

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Sunday morning 6,000 runners from 38 different states will lace up their shoes ready for the “Good Life Halfsy.”

The 13.1 mile half marathon will start at Seacrest field weaving runners through the city finishing at the Railyard cube.

Officials for the company holding the event say a race like this shows off why people call Nebraska the “good life.”

Pink Gorilla Events Race Director, Ben Cohoon said, "It’s just a celebration of Nebraska and its people and celebrating how hospitable we are and how great the community of Nebraska is."

Race director Ben Cohoon says all 6,000 runner slots filled up back in July but they still need some volunteer help.

 “Lincoln’s a really good running community and part of that is the city really gets behind these events and people come out and cheer on runners and that’s part of the reason why we have runners from 38 states coming in to this event because Lincoln comes out and supports."

Volunteers are needed for cheering, coarse monitoring and more.

There will also be five spectator areas placed along the route for fans.

The five sites will be at Homes Lake, Neighbors Park, Union Plaza, Innovation Campus and Haymarket Park.

Caution to drivers around the area of 70th street from A to Van Dorn around 9 a.m. Sunday, this area contains the first part of the route for runners so please be careful.

For a full map of the route, volunteering opportunities and more information you can visit