Lincoln’s tech start up community grows

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Lincoln is becoming a hot spot for technology start ups.

Companies like Hudl and Bulu Box are on the rise.

In fact, the Great Plains is turning into  a hub for this type of innovation.

It’s being called “Silicon Prairie."

Paul Jarrett and his wife relocated their business,  Bulu Box from San Francisco to the capital city about four years ago.

It delivers health products based on online subscriptions.

Jarrett said Lincoln has just as much to offer as the coasts.

"We determined there was much, much better opportunity here. The start up landscape was just forming,” Bulu Box Co-Founder Paul Jarrett said.

There about 100  tech start ups in Lincoln.

Over the past five years there’s been a surge of them.

Professionals in the field credit the growth to Lincoln’s low cost of living, a friendly, welcoming culture and a strong entrepreneur community.

"They can show our young people there are cool things to do in Lincoln. That there are cool places to work and you can do cool things and create things,” Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Christina Oldfather said.

Firespring specializes in marketing, creative work and IT and has been around since the mid-90s

Three years ago, they had 67 employees.

 Now? There are more than 250.

“We’re not going to be talked about like we are right now on the fringes. We’re going to be leading the way for other community and people will be coming here to see how it’s done,”  Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson said.

A trend of innovation that entrepreneurs said is not stopping anytime soon.