Local businesses note the hype over Frost

Scott Frost is preparing his University of Central Florida Knights for Saturday’s big game against the Memphis Tigers.

But Husker nation is still hyped at the idea that he may take the reigns of the football team.

Cigarz Lounge in the Haymarket will be hosting a Scott Frost press conference party this Sunday, celebrating Frost’s hopeful hiring.

"We love him and I know our customers and friends here at Cigarz love him," said Cigarz owner Sandy McCorkindale.  "And we’re talking about nobody else.  That’s who they want."

McCorkindale said they’ll be disappointed if he’s not hired, but they’re pretty confident he will be.

She said the current Frost frenzy is because he’s from Nebraska and people have seen what he’s done with UCF’s football program.

"I think he’s continuously made it better and look where he is now," McCorkindale said.  "The guy definitely knows how to set goals and reach them.  And I think that’s something we want to see returned to Nebraska’s program."

There’s also plenty of speculative Frost merchandise available, including at Best of Big Red.

The store said the prospect of Frost coming to coach Nebraska is exciting and they wanted to give husker fans the chance to show their enthusiasm.

"We know Scott Frost is doing really well where he’s at," said manager Chelse Burcham.  "We’re excited about the prospect of him coming here.  We know there’s a lot of hype that he may come here, so we’re just excited to bring the fans what they want."

Best of Big Red said if Frost decides not to coach here, fans can return the shirts.  We may find out Sunday if that’ll be necessary.