Local church holds annual ‘Egg Drop’ Easter hunt

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Thousands filled Seacrest Field Sunday for Elevate Church’s annual Egg Drop Easter hunt.

“It was cool to have the helicopter come in,” Abigail Rosenthal said. “Everyone got to participate, and it all wasn’t in one place.”

Thousands of children and their family members were eager to hunt down those eggs – all 21,000 of them – as soon as they fell from the sky.

“I think it’s an amazing event that the church puts on,” Treana Anderson said. “And it’s really nice for the kids to come out and have some fun.

Pastor Mike Wooten of the church said it’s something they’ve been doing for the past five years. He said it’s completely funded by the church, and completely free for all who attend.

“We just do it to bless the community and tell the people of Lincoln, ‘Elevate Church – we love ya!'” Wooten said.

A handful of volunteers helped out, ensuring children were safe before the hunt began. They said seeing the children’s smiling faces makes giving of their time on Easter more than worth it.

“We just love to give to the community, we love to be a part of the community,” Amy Barrier said. “And we hope that this can promote good will towards everybody.”

The all-volunteer effort also included the pilot of the chopper, who wished to remain anonymous but donated his time and helicopter, so that children can have something fun to look forward to.