Local company will hold electronics recycling event

By: Rachael Witter

After nearly a thousand electronics were recycled at an event earlier this year. Secure Recycling in Lincoln will be hosting another free event open to the public.
“It's open to the community and we recycle all electronics with emphasis on computer equipment but we can take anything that runs on batteries or plugs into the wall. Anything electronic.” said Matt Weirman, owner of Secure Recyclers.

While Secure Recyclers mainly focuses on recycling for companies, this event lets the public bring items they can't just take to the curb… Secure Recyclers will also wipe any hard drives and computer equipment free of charge.

“Our main focus at Secure electronics is to service companies and we service companies and we pick up their old electronics and recycle them. We like to do these electronic recycling events that are open to the community just to keep all the electronics out of the landfills and open up awareness.” said Weirman.

Throwing away electronics can contaminate landfills and damage the earth.
“A lot of people don't realize how much of those items can actually be recycled and here we de–manufacture all the items and actually go down to the screws and every single component can be recycled.” said Weirman.

One other note, these older, non flat screen tv's.. You can bring those in on Saturday but it will cost $10.  The event will be at Secure Recyclers this Saturday, 1060 N. 33 St. from 9a.m.-2 p.m..