Local father suing former Huskers’ nonprofit

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

A local father is calling out a former Husker and his nonprofit and how it raised funds for his son.

Dan Walker says he’s constantly reminded of the day a drunk driver, hit and severally injured his bicycling son, Dom.

Not only is Walker dealing with the driver’s court proceedings.

Last Friday he filed a lawsuit against former Husker football player, PJ Smith, who founded Team 13.

Team 13, a nonprofit, hosted a fundraiser for Dom back in November, which raised about $4,000.

Walker said Thursday, “The money’s not the issue. I just want Team 13 to not be able to do this to anybody else.”

Walker said when he went to collect the money from Smith, he learned of some stipulations.

Like that the organization would keep 60 percent of the money raised.

“Had I known it was going to be a 60/40 split, I would have made him advertise it that way,” explained Walker.

Walkers added that Smith would only hand over the 40 percent if receipts for Dom’s expenses were provided.

Smith told Channel 8, “The best thing for us right now it to not reply, until we get this worked out.”

Walker said the medical expenses were covered by insurance.

The money from fundraiser’s helped pay the bills since he and his wife took off work during the whole ordeal.

It’s not known yet, when and if, this will go to court.