Local Flood Clean-Up

Posted by: Laurann Robinson



Now that the rain has gone, the hard part starts, as many residents are left drying their belongings, replacing their destroyed property, and making their homes livable once again.

Homeowner Melissa McCoy is just one of the many Lincoln residents estimating the damage done to their belongings.

“The real concern is, we don’t know if our furnace is going to work once it’s dried out. If our washer and dryer are going to work once they’re dried out. We’ve got a deep freeze, a refrigerator in there,” McCoy said.

But she says she was one of the lucky ones. Her and her husband were able to see the water quickly approaching their home, and even building up along their basement windows.

“We had been watching the water rise outside and at the point where it started to reach the house and started coming in under the windows, we said, ‘alright, we need to get everything we can out of the basement,'” added McCoy.

And along with the residents, officials with the City of Lincoln are also figuring out how to move forward after being left under water.

“With the core of engineers here, with their technical assistance helping us, we’ve been inspecting those levies continuously, as the water level came up, as the water level stayed, and as the water level recedes,” said Glenn Johnson, general manager with the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District.

The health department is also warning against playing or wading in the floodwater as bacteria has likely grown by now.

And to help you stay safe, they are offering tetanus shot clinics… Urging people to call and make an appointment if it’s been more than 10 years, or if you can’t remember when your last tetanus shot was.

These shots are for anyone in Lancaster County and if you don’t have insurance, or if you can’t pay, the shot will be free of charge.

To make an appointment, call the health department at (402) 441-8065