Local Fundraiser

A local fundraiser is underway to help raise money for a Lincoln woman to get a service dog.  23–year old Chelsea Chadd lives on her own but also has Spina Bifida and uses a wheel chair to get around.  In hopes of becoming more independent Chelsea and her sister started a fundraiser to help get her a service dog.  “I'm going to enjoy the service dog is going to be a lot of help for me living on my own and there is times that I need extra help and have nobody around,” says Chelsea.  Fundraising jars are set up at various businesses across Lincoln including Brewsky's Sports Bar.  Chelsea's sister Sarah works there, her boss offered to match all money raised to help make a service dog a reality.  “Its been good to be able to be help Chelsea out and help her get her dog and Brewsky's has been very helpful a lot of customers were raised a lot of money so for and it's really nice to see everybody in the community helping out some one else that lives here,” says Sarah.  Rebecca Williams works for Domesti–Pups which will be providing Chelsea with Sasha.  She says their dogs train for over a year and are specifically tailored for each client. So in Chelsea's case Sasha will learn to pick up dropped items even pull the laundry basket to the washer.  “The impact that you see when you take a dog and place it with an individual it gives them a sense of independence where yesterday I had to get someone to pick that up for me and today I don't have to have anyone open that door for me my dogs going to open it, it creates a new level of independence,” says Williams.  

Locations that have the donation jars are, Brewsky's in the Haymarket and Brewskey's North.  Village Inn at 27th and Pine Lake, Sports Men, Backyard Burger, and Total Body.  More information on Domesti-Pups is located on their website at  http://domesti-pups.org/