Local group rallies against cost cap on BP

Senator Ben Nelson is getting an earful from a Nebraska group concerned about the gulf coast oil spill.

Moveon.org  rallied outside Senator Ben Nelsons office on Thursday hoping to prevent what they believe could be the next big bailout.  The group is also concerned about campaign contributions the senator may have accepted from the BP oil company.

Moveon.org's Group Coordinator Matthew Bosley says they want to remind the senator of two things: “vote for removing cap and remove lobbyists from the Washington system.”

Their concerns stem from claims that Nelson's campaign received at least $4,000 in contributions from BP between 2006 to 2010.  It's an allegation the senator says may be true but has nothing to do with the company's liability.  “A lot of people contribute to your campaign without expecting anything.  I am not aware of any contributions or any demands from BP. If there are, or even if they were, it wouldn't matter.  It wouldn't happen.”

The group's main goal is to urge Senator Nelson to support legislation that prevents a big oil bailout and eliminates the cap on what BP will have to pay to clean up the spill they've caused.

The White House is sending BP a $69 million bill for government costs so far and says BP will ultimately be responsible for all costs associated with the spill.

Still, Bosley says its important for politicians to hear both sides.  “The lobbyists may be able to talk to him but 90% of the people in the country don't have a lobbyist on their side and they need to be represented, too.”

The group says their information on BP's contributions to politicians comes from the web site www.opensecrets.org. They also claim Representative Lee Terry also received more than $2,000 from BP.