Local hospital increases initial mother, baby bond

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


Meet Harrison Bohling.

Six pounds nine ounces, he was born on June 7th.

"He is a pretty good little guy," Bree Bohling, mother, said.

Harrison was welcomed into the world at CHI St. Elizabeth during a cesarean section.

It’s a procedure that, in some cases, makes it hard for mothers to have those precious first moments seeing their new baby.

Harrison’s mother, Bree Bohling was concerned about this before her second cesarean section.

But, she says this time, it was different.

"I would have been really sad to have to go through a c section again and have to wait and wonder what was going on with him," Bree Bohling, said.

CHI St. Elizabeth is bringing the intimate moment back to mothers and their newborn.

About six weeks ago, they started using a camera in the delivery room.

It’s meant to help the mom see what’s going on with her new baby boy or girl.

"Having a baby is a really emotional experience anyway, and bringing a baby into your family is pretty incredible, but watching them being able to see their baby while the medical team is assessing them and drying them. It’s really cool to watch the joy in their faces," Sara Bohling, NICU nurse, said.

The camera sits right above the baby’s bed. It offers a look at the infant that sometimes is blocked by doctors working on him or her. Then across the room is a giant TV screen where the mom can see her baby.

"With him it was nice; I literally looked over to my left and saw him right away," Bree Bohling, said.

For the patient’s privacy, the camera does not move, and does not record.

It’s meant to help form an immediate bond with mother and child.