Local Instructor Says Guns Not the Problem

By: Bill Schammert

It's no surprise that the loudest voices right now are coming from anti-gun activists calling for major reform, but locally, a resounding amount of people want gun laws left alone.

Craig Schnieder has been teaching carry and conceal safety classes for more than three decades.  His argument, that guns don't kill people, people kill people, is one expressed by many.

“These people have issues,” Schnieder says.  “They're looking for a way to take their pain out on society.”

As for a ban on certain types of weapons, he says the focus needs to shift to education.

“Anti-gun politicians say this is the solution, ban assault rifles and this will go away,” he said.  “That's not the case.  It's a band-aid approach to a giant societal issue.”

Schnieder even thinks, possibly, more firearms could bring a better solution than less firearms.

“More guns, less crime,” he said.  “States that have concealed carry laws, their crime numbers are down.”

KLKN-TV took to Facebook to see how you felt about the situation.  Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of you said guns are not the problem.

Megan writes, “It's not the guns, it is that so many kids and young adults that have mental health issues, but are not getting the treatment they need.”

William posted, “It's a combo. No need for assault weapons, but those are not the only problem. The only way to fix this is to come at it from many angles.”

As for Schnieder, he's worried about what the future might hold.

“I fear my government,” he said. “When does government get too big? I think we're seeing that right now.”

It's a debate sure to reach Capitol Hill as a California senator has already promised immediate action.  The democrat says she will introduce a bill that will ban the sale, transfer and possession of assault weapons.