Local Iraqi’s React To Hussein Trial

The trial for Saddam Hussein started on Wednesday. He is charged with murder. Saddam was in court in Baghdad for about three hours. The trial started with Saddam arguing with the presiding judge. He eventually entered a plea of not guilty. This is a day that many Iraqis never thought would come. Now they can watch every minute of the drama on television. Zainab Al-Batat lives in Lincoln now. But, she actually worked for the Iraqi opposition from 1995 until 1997. She witnessed first hand, the oppressive and horrific tactics that Hussein's government used to control the Iraqi people. Al-Batat calls this a historic day. It's one that she thought she would never live to see. She watched Hussein plead not guilty to charges of murdering nearly 150 Iraqis that happened 23 years ago. Al-Batat was courageous enough to work against the regime for two years. But, she eventually feared for her life and fled the country with the help of the United Nations. She ended up here in Lincoln. Saddam's trial will pick up again on November 28th.