Local Iraqis React to Wednesday’s Developments in Baghdad

Former Iraqi citizens now living in Lincoln are paying very close attention to the latest developments in the Middle East. You might imagine what they felt when they saw Wednesday's impressive video out of Iraq. Channel 8 Eyewitness News talked to them Wednesday.

On Wednesday, local Iraqi's were glued to their televisions watching the celebration in Baghdad as the statue of Saddam Hussein came tumbling down. Haky Al-Refeay helps run an Iraqi grocery store here in Lincoln. He says the tumble of Saddam Hussein symbolizes one step closer to freedom. “I am so happy about what I heard on the news. Saddam Hussein is gone and everything is going to be all right. ”

Across town, at Sinbad's restaurant, it's a celebration. Smiles fill the room and families come together. Many say they say they never thought this day would come. They say the celebration in Baghdad shows how drastically things have changed.