Local Iraqis Reflect On Election

Over a hundred Iraqis living in Nebraska took a bus to Chicago on Monday to cast their vote in the the country's election for a national parliament. Now they're back and are anticipating the final results for their new government. Jawad Al'Helfi and his wife Hyafa just returned to Lincoln from Chicago where they cast their vote for a new government.  They say people there were celebrating and singing and dancing. Al'Helfi says that the Iraqi people have waited a long time for this moment in their country's history. He and his family have been in the United States for eleven years now, after living in a refugee camp for four years. He says it's remarkable to see the end of Saddam's reign of power. Al'helfi feels that if it wasn't for the United States and the action of the troops, Iraq would still be living among the killings and torture. He says it's unbelievable to have the opportunity to see the rebirth of his country. Al'Helfi is hoping to return to Iraq to visit family, once the new government is put into place.