Local Iraqis Will Cast Vote In Parliamentary Elections

It's not only people living in Iraq who will get the chance to vote in this week's parlimentary elections. Iraqis all over the world including many living right here in Lincoln will go to the polls for the country's historic elections. Iraqi expatriates born in Iraq or whose father was born there will be eligible to vote, even if they are American citizens now. Monday morning over a hundred Nebraskan Iraqis prepared to head to Chicago, just one of six cities in the U.S. where Iraqi-Americans will be able to cast their vote. Many of them who we talked to said the election is something they thought they would never be part of, because they spent so much time living in fear, under Saddam Hussein's regime. This will be the second time Iraqis will get the opportunity to vote.  The first time was earlier this year to set up an interim governement, which allowed the country enough time to create a constitution. The vote this time will establish a government for the next four years. The elections come as many U.S. leaders demand pulling out from Iraq, but some Iraqis say the United States needs to continue to help them.  They say the U.S. being there assures them of a possible democracy. Even though voting in Iraq doesn't officially begin until Thursday, for those in the U.S. and 14 other nations, they will be able to begin voting tomorrow and will last until Thursday.