Local is angry at Washington

A Lincoln man is worried about multiple cuts to his budget if Washington doesn't come up with a solution to the shutdown or the debt ceiling.

David C. Jean is a Social Security Disability recipient.

The partial shutdown closed the Labor Department, which has lead to no inflation report.

Leading to what looks like a only a slight increase for social security next year.

Jean is worried he won't be able to cover his basic needs.

“It will only slightly put me over 800 a month, can a congressman out there, live on $800 a month like I am,” says Jean.

Jean does get some lodging funding through Lincoln Housing Authority, the agency administers the money through the federal government

Jean says he's been notified a housing check may not be coming his way next month, which also worries him.

We did make a call to the Lincoln Housing Authority, which was open for the Columbus Day holiday.

They did not get back on how the shutdown is affecting them.