Local lawmaker voice concerns about voter registration forms in care packages for refugees

Sen. John Murante of Gretna is calling out the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Chair Jane Kleeb.

The Chair of the unicameral Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee said the party distributed care packages with voter registration forms for refugees.

Murante is concerned those forms will be filled out and returned in by non-citizen refugees, which would result in voter fraud. The act is punishable by law.

He said Nebraska election officials do not check the citizenship of those registering and it’s not required by state law.

This is letter the senator sent to Kleeb:

Mrs. Kleeb,

As the chair of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, ensuring the
security and integrity of our elections is one of my greatest concerns and responsibilities.
It has come to my attention that your organization provided voter registration forms to
noncitizens entering Nebraska under refugee status.
 As the chairwoman of the Nebraska
Democratic Party, I am sure you are aware that only citizens are eligible to vote.
However, the noncitizens your organization provided the voter registration forms to may
not be aware they are ineligible to vote. In fact, they may mistakenly believe they were
provided the forms because they are eligible to vote, and may subsequently register.

If not rectified immediately, such a scenario would not be just a misunderstanding.
Besides diluting the voting power of legal voters, an illegal registration could be a crime,
and would have a serious negative impact on that individual’s chances of one day
becoming a citizen and enjoying the right to vote.

In order to ensure that this does not occur, I am requesting that you compile a list of all
noncitizens your organization sent voter registration forms to and provide that list to the
election administrators in the affected counties. This will ensure that ineligible voters that
registered using the forms your organization sent are removed from the rolls, and any
applications yet to be received are rejected.

With upcoming elections in both Lincoln and Omaha, time is of the essence. I am
requesting that you deliver these lists to the election administrators before Wednesday,
March 29th, so the issue can be resolved in time for the primary election on April 4th
I am also requesting you contact the recipients of the forms to inform them that they are
ineligible to vote. This will help to reduce the number of illegal applications resulting
from this situation.

We live in a time where many Americans have little faith in the security of our elections.
It is imperative that we do everything we can to restore that faith.

Senator John Murante
Chair, Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee

Here is the response the chairwoman sent to Sen. Murante’s legal counsel:

Hello Andrew. Since both nonprofits have stated to the press they already they took out both the letter from me and the voter reg form from the baskets, there is no list to provide you. They stated to the press over the weekend they take out any pamphlets included in any donations like from churches.

I can give you a list though of people giving me death threats and telling me they will send “terrorists” and “muslims” over to my house to rape me, put my head in a basket and call for my public hanging if you would like to investigate those real threats.

-Jane Kleeb