Local Man Killed In UN Bombing

As the United Nations begins to pick up the pieces from the Baghdad bombing…some Nebraskan's are feeling the blow of the terrorist attacks. We now have word that one of the victims was a former Lincoln resident. Reza Hossaini was one of the 23 killed in the UN bombing. The 52 year old former Lincoln resident spent the last eight years of his life working for the United Nations. Hossaini imigrated from Iran to Nebraska in 19-77 and earned a Business Administration degree from UNL. He worked as a Humanitarian Officer for the UN…stationed in world hot spots like Iraq and West timore. Family and friends say Reza simply dismissed the danger as part of his job. Now they're trying to comprehend this sensless act that took the life of their loved one. Arragements are being made to return Hossaini's body for burial in Falls Church, Virginia. A memorial service is being planned here in Lincoln.