Local Military Mom Spending Christmas Without Her Son

With christmas just 6 days away, people all over the country are getting ready to hit the road and head home for the holidays.  But thousands of military men and women serving overseas won't be saying “i'll be home for christmas” this year. Many families are feeling their absence this time of year more than any other. Catherine Beekley of Dorchester bought a christmas tree. She says without her sons at home, it just didn't feel enough like christmas to have a tree. All three of her sons have served in the military… And all three have spent the holidays overseas in recent years. This year, two of her sons are back in Nebraska for christmas. Justyn recently finished his time as a marine, and says he has a new appreciation for christmas at home. But Justyn's older brother Brooks is still in iraq, and less than a month ago, Brooks's wife gave birth to a baby boy. Brooks won't get to meet his new son in time for christmas this year, so now he too knows what it's like to be a parent thousands of miles away from their child at christmas. Catherine says her christmas wish for next year is to have all three sons home with her.