Local Officials react to Baton Rouge

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


Another act of violence claims the lives of those who serve to protect ours.

In the last ten days ,eight police officers have been violently shot and killed.

Five in Dallas, and now another three in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When one man or woman in uniform falls in the line of duty, officers around the nation and, here in the capital city, feel the loss.

The Lincoln Police Department reacted to the recent attacks.

Here is what Chief Bliemeister had to say.

“The violence perpetrated on these law enforcement officers is inexcusable and will not be rationalized. The Lincoln Police Department and members of our profession will continue to focus on service and building relationships with all citizens in our communities.  We will fulfill our mission with integrity despite the escalating violent acts across the United States and worldwide,” Chief Bliemeister, Lincoln Police, said.

They mourn for the loved ones those officers leave behind.

Public Safety Director, Tom Casady tweeted this comment Sunday.

"As an officer, you are confident you can work safely and handle whatever comes your way; as a family member, you are simply scared to death,” Tom Casady, Public Safety Director, said.

And the outreach of support continues

Governor Ricketts tweeted out that he and his wife "are deeply saddened by the shooting in baton rouge. Nebraskans hash tag support blue and are partying for the victims’ families," Ricketts, said.

Omaha Police say they stand with the mourning blue community.

The suspected shooter in the Baton Rouge shooting was shot and killed; he has been identified as 29–year–old Gavin long of Kansas.