Local politicians react to GOP National Convention

Posted By: Veronica Ortega


All eyes are on Cleveland for the start of the GOP National Convention where Donald Trump is expected to officially win the endorsement as the Republican nominee for president. Despite efforts by some republicans to prevent that from happening.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts says the party needs to stand behind Trump.

"We should follow the process we have and back our nominee and work to try to win this election. That’s what we need to get on board with as Republicans," Gov. Ricketts said.

Set to take the stage during the convention is Trump’s wife Melania, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and Chris Christi. Noticeably absent are both former presidents Bush, Mitt Romney, and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse has been one of Trump’s most vocal critics within the GOP and has publicly stated he will not support him. Although there still appears to be a divide the executive director of Nebraska’s Republican Party believes they’re united.

"I feel our party is coming together and everybody’s here to nominate Donald Trump and to beat Hilary Clinton in the fall," Bud Synhorst said.

So far, anti-Trump protests in Cleveland have been peaceful but law enforcement say they’re ready to handle anything.

Trump’s VP choice Indiana Governor Mike Pence may have helped bridge the gap in the party, and some say the people have spoken and it’s time to support the billionaire businessman.

"I think he’s touched on some things that the American people are frustrated with and he’s bringing together people on those issues," Synhorst said.

Governor Pete Ricketts is traveling to Cleveland for the convention tomorrow.