Local Reaction to Final Presidential Debate

Right here in Lincoln, both Republicans and Democrats were watching the final debate, cheering on their candidate.

The Lancaster County Young Republicans held a watch party at the Nebraska GOP headquarters, while the Democrats met just blocks away at Zen's Lounge.

The hot topic tonight was foreign policy and America's role in the world. As you would imagine, both groups thought their candidate made a better case.

“Instead of focusing on the issues, President Obama is continuing to run a negative campaign and dodge the questions and I think Governor Romney is actually answering the questions and giving more of a plan that Americans can relate to,” Republican Courtney Ruwe said.

“He's stayed true all the way through. Sometimes I think President Obama has to debate 2 Mitts. One Mitt that agrees with the President and the other Mitt that makes something else up,” Democrat John Yoakum said.

If there's one thing both sides agree on, it's that all people should be informed and cast their vote in two weeks from now on November 6th.