Local students react to FDA ban on drinks

A major government crackdown today on some popular energy drinks.  The FDA announced an effective ban on beverages that contain both alcohol and caffeine, calling the caffeine an unsafe food additive.

The move comes after a rash of incidents where consumers,mostly students, were sickened.  Some were even hospitalized after drinking these types of products.

Four Loko manufactures such drinks and has already said it will remove caffeine from them and only sell the alcoholic version.

In Lincoln, there's mixed reaction to the FDA's ruling.

Students at the UNL campus says gets them drunker faster and gives them the energy to go all night.  They say it's not hard to find.

Four Loko, alone is sold in at least 60 stores in Lincoln, but now those potentially dangerous drinks will soon be coming off the shelf.

It's a decision that some health professionals can easily agree with.  Toxicologist Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt says, “One of those big cans, to some small person, can be very dangerously intoxicating.  If that person decides, 'hey, I'm going to have a big night and have two cans.' we are borderline life threatening.” 

Some of the drinks, contain as much caffeine as two or three cups of coffee and as much alcohol as two or three cans of beer, making it more appealing to college students.

Some students did say it's not the drink itself that is causing all the problems and they don't agree with a government ban on selling the product.

The Nebraska Liquor Commission says they will issue a temporary import ban at the next meeting on December 8, which will give retailers a chance to get rid of the product they have.

Nebraska will not see an official ban on sales until December 31.