Local YMCA hosts Healthy Kids Day

Posted By: Marlenia Thornton

Hundreds of Lincoln families got up and moving Saturday morning at the YMCA’s Annual Healthy Kids Day.

They gathered at the Cooper YMCA located near 14th and South streets to learn more about healthy living.

“I am really trying to dedicate a more healthy diet and exercise, so i wanted to bring my kids here today, so we can check out all the vendors and enjoy all the activities,” Mother Amber Bax said.

The event had more than 40 vendors educating attendees about various aspects of wellness including diet and dental hygiene.

“It’s a great opportunity for all us to be on the same page and want to eat healthier,” Parent Trish Kramer.

There were also bounce houses, dance contests and sit up challenges to keep kids active.

Amber Bax and her son took that challenge.

She said she wanted to model a healthy lifestyle for her kids.

“There’s just a lot of chronic health conditions out there if you don’t take care of yourself now, so you can end up with something later. So, just really trying to be healthy now,” Bax said.

Organizers agree that’s the main purpose of Saturday’s event.

“Health and wellness starts at home. If we are not practicing healthy habits ourselves and teaching our kids that way, they’re not going to grow up knowing the difference,” YMCA Health and Wellness Program Director Amy Shanahan said.

The event was free and open to the public.

The YMCA has been hosting it for the past 12 years.