London Has Local Ties To Recent Attack

     News of the attacks in London is hitting close to home for several people living here in the capital city. Thursday morning's news is being felt by Lincolnites with family overseas, and even local businesses. It led to some tense moments as people waited to hear that their loved ones were safe.

    It was a morning Casey Cabela will never forget. Bombs exploded in London leaving her wondering about her boyfriend who is currently studying there.Several times she tried calling him, but couldn't get through. Finally she got in touch with a school official who put her worries at ease. Cabela has gotten hold of her boyfriend and the scary thing is, he and some friends changed their plans and took the subway home the night before the attack, originally they had planned on taking it this morning.      

    Even businesses here in Lincoln are feeling the affects of the bombings. Interact Incorporated develops software for wireless phones and often times their employees travel to London. After finding out their business clients were okay, they did their part to help out.