“Lost Boys” visit BSP classroom

By: Jenn Schanz

Students at Behavioral Skills Program got a hands-on Social Studies lesson today, when two “Lost Boys” from Sudan visited their classroom. 

The students are studying the social unrest in Sudan and have read stories about the “Lost Boys,” a large group of displaced children from the region.

The guest speakers, Guy Laam and Sebet Deng, are both from South Sudan.

They stressed in the importance of global understanding, and also spoke about how important education was for them.

 “My goal is for them to understand that there's other children that are suffering around the world. and most of them, they read stories, but they don't know in different countries how people are suffering,” says Laam.

 In addition to having a chance to try Sudanese and Ethiopian food, the students learned about the political struggles of Sudanese people, and about what life was like in the refugee camps.

Deng reminded students with all of the violence in the world, they must show their “toughness” with a pen and paper.