Love On The Run delivers hundreds of valentines

 Posted By: Camila Orti

For eight years now, a local paper company has made delivering valentines a holiday tradition.

Barbara, Caleb and Sarah were three of about 25 volunteers driving around the Capital City to personally deliver bits of love. It was all part of Porridge Papers’ “Love on the Run” event. The growing tradition has been helping people in Lincoln surprise their sweethearts since 2007.

Last weekend, the public was invited to the local papermill to type up their personal love messages on antique typewriters. The notes were put in glass bottles and then packaged with a polaroid picture, all for free.

“[It’s] our way of showing Lincoln that we appreciate it and giving love back to the community,” Porridge Papers owner, Christopher James said last Saturday.

“It’s really nice, I think people don’t know how to react because they don’t know what it is,” volunteer driver Barbara Zach said.

Zach says this was her second year delivering valentines.

“It was so fun, we met one woman who, her husband had sent her a valentine from Love on the Run for seven years, which is amazing,” she said.

That woman is Jaime Reitz. When the volunteers came to her door, she invited them in for cupcakes.

“It’s my most favorite thing of the whole holiday,” Reitz said, “I think it’s so awesome that they’re taking their time and volunteering to bring smiles to other people’s faces.”

Even though it’s now more of an anticipated treat than a surprise, Reitz says she cherishes the valentines as keepsakes.

“It’s something that I’ll have years down the road for my kids to show my grandkids after we’re gone,” Reitz said.

Organizers say around 300 packages were delivered today, but more than 500 were made last weekend.