Loved ones remember Lincoln man killed in crash

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Loved ones are dealing with the loss of 27–year–old Eric Bergman.

He died in a crash Monday night under the 27th street overpass on State Fair Park Drive.

Police said  Bergman was driving his pick–up around the curve when he crossed into oncoming traffic.

He crashed head–on into a dump truck.

The pick–up then spun into another car.

According to the accident report, Bergman was speeding.

Angela Dieckhoff adopted Eric’s daughter, Annie, years ago.

It’s just so happened she passed the crash initially and then went back after she heard the news and saw his body.

"It was like losing my own son. I can’t even describe the pain that I felt,” Eric’s Daughter Adopted Mother Angela Dieckhoff said.

His fiancée of almost three years also couldn’t believe it.

"I was panicked and I was hoping. It wasn’t going to be bad, but it was bad," Eric’s Fiancee Heather Whitlatch said.

Bergman was described as a great father not only to his daughter, but also his fiancée’s children.

Dieckhoff said  the toughest thing about this was telling little 7–year–old Annie, her father is dead.

She said the two had a great bond.

" Daddy was your best friend, wasn’t he?”  Dieckhoff said.

“Yeah,” Eric’s Daughter Annaliza (Annie)  Dieckhoff said.

"She could always go to daddy and daddy would do what he can,” Dieckhoff said.

Bergman’s loved ones say the greatest quality about him was his loving spirit, which is something that will be deeply missed.

"If you could give a Heisman trophy to someone being such a great man, he would be the winner,” Dieckhoff said.

A 10–year–old boy who was also in the pickup with Bergman is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday.