Low Income Families Get Christmas Presents For Children

        The Center For People In Need kicked off their Toyland event this morning. Families came to select presents for their children and keep the spirit of the season alive.

        Hundreds of families came out to get Christmas presents for their children from The Center For People In Need’s annual Toyland Event. For some parents like Laura Mueller, the thought of disappoint their children on Christmas was too much, "Disappointing them would be wrecking the magic of Christmas."

        Mueller was shopping for her two young sons, Timothy and Matthew. As she picked out presents she knew both her boys would be ecstatic when they open their presents Christmas morning, "Well if they know what’s in this cart they’re going to be very excited because they have things here that they both love. They love Star Wars and dinosaurs and on the tables they have stuff they will all be excited about."

        Gifts for the event were donated by area businesses and families and were also purchased with money from the Santa Cop fundraiser.

        The center expects to serve around ten thousand children this Christmas and for Jasmine Nortevon seeing her sons face on Christmas morning is all that matters, "His face always lights up like a Christmas tree and it excites me."

        For Mueller, the only important thing is keeping the spirit of Santa alive for her two children and knowing they will get to have a Christmas after all, "They keep saying oh it’s Santa who’s getting this and I’m like eh. Knowing that we’re able to provide for them through the center for people in need is a great blessing for our family."

        The Toyland event continues Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm and Monday afternoon from 3-6pm at the Center For People In Need on 27th Street.