Low temps brings in high numbers of people to City Mission

By: Rachael Witter

The capacity of the People's City Mission is around 350 people. This past July, they set a record of serving 378 and that was surpassed Tuesday night with 390.

“I kept hoping we wouldn't have a bad winter with a lot of snow and ice because I knew things would fill up and now I think they're at capacity,” said Emily Marcus of Lincoln.

At Capacity would be an understatement. The mission houses around 350 and they are seeing numbers well over that, but they won't turn anyone away. This means even turning to some unconventional ways to have space for those who need a warm place to sleep.

“Common areas, like lounges, our chapel, we have a place called the Agape Cafe that typically is just a meeting place for people during the day and even in the locker room,” said Will Hays with the mission.

With more cold nights ahead, the mission says though it's a tight fit, they will always fight room for whoever needs it. “We're doing all we can, I mean, we don't turn people away and especially during this kind of weather. We will take everyone that's coming to us and we will find a place for them,” said Hays.

The mission is always looking for donations, whether it's monetary, food or even diapers, everything counts.