UPDATE: Lincoln teen followed home by fake cop

By: Megan Palera

Lincoln police are warning of an officer impersonator out on the streets. The latest victim was a teenager.

The color and sound of emergency lights lets us know that it's time to pull over. But this was no ordinary traffic stop for one Lincoln teenager. Police say Wednesday night, the 17-year-old was heading west on South Street when she spotted those lights behind her. She pulled to the curb and that's when panic set in.

“She heard a male voice on a loud speaker say, 'I'm not pulling you over,'” Officer Katie Flood said.

So she drove off; another two more miles before turning into a driveway. Police say the fake officer followed her the entire time.

“I think it's alarming for anyone regardless of age, especially an alone female. You know, there's a certain vulnerability there,” Flood said.

The teen called police a few hours later because she knew something was off. But police say if you ever think you're a victim of an officer impersonation, use your cell and call 911 immediately.

“Officers are required to dispatch now as soon as they initiate a traffic stop. So the dispatcher on the other end could immediately tell someone whether or not it's an officer or not that could be behind their car,” Flood said.

A couple of other tips: turn your dome light on and off a couple of times to let them know you see them. Then drive to a well-lit, well-populated area like a convenience store or shopping center.

The teen didn't get a good look at the driver but described the vehicle as an older police car, similar to a crown victoria. It has a blue stripe along the side and emergency lights on top.


Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

A 17–year–old Lincoln girl told police a man impersonating an officer followed her in his car.

It happened Wednesday night at around 9:45.  Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood says the girl was driving on South Street near 27th St. when she noticed flashing lights behind her.  She pulled over.  Flood says the girl heard a male voice over a loud speaker say he was not pulling her over so she continued on home.  The girl told police the car followed her for nearly two miles to her house.

Police say the car pulled into her driveway, backed out and left.  The girl described the car as an older police cruiser with a blue stripe and emergency LED lights on top.

Impersonating a police officer is a Class I misdemeanor.