LPD: Hundreds of vandalism reported over weekend

Lincoln police say it's been a pricey weekend for Lincoln residents as vandals hit more than 100 homes.  More could be on the way.

Police say there are still no suspects in the city–wide vandalism, but some of the victims say they have faith they'll find them soon.

Sarah Luther is one of the victims.  She says, “we thought somebody was breaking in to either our house or one of our neighbors' houses, so we got up and then we found out the mirrors had been broken.”

Luther's mirrors are just two of 43 mirrors, tail lights or mailboxes reported vandalized Saturday alone.  64 more happened that night and Sunday morning.

Police say each case is related and each done with a blunt object, most likely, a baseball bat.

Victims of the vandalism say it could have been much worse, but even the small things add up and make for some major inconveniences.  Police say damages are at least several thousand dollars on the more than 100 vandalism.

But fortunately, some are saying that high number might actually be helpful when it comes to closing in on the criminals.  Luther says, “just a couple cars on one street are not going to get as much attention but when there are more of them ,that's affecting a lot of people.  Hopefully they'll end up finding them.”

Police do not have any suspects at this time, so since there is still the potential for the vandals to show up, it might be a good idea to move your car off the street if you can.