UPDATE: LPD investigating a vehicle that crashed into Walgreens

By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News



A stolen pickup truck went crashing into a Lincoln Walgreens early Monday morning.

Lincoln Police say around 1:30, two people crashed through the store at 40th and Old Cheney. Surveillance video shows them running from the scene.

Police say the truck they used was stolen from ‘The Tree Guys’. They believe the pair was going for the ATM, but say nothing was taken from the scene.

Total damage estimate was about $20,000.

Police say the incident might be connected to a case from last fall, where an ATM was taken from the Walgreens near 70th and Old Cheney.

Posted by: Fahima Paghmani 


Lincoln Police are investigating a vehicle that drove into the front of the Walgreens near 40th and Old Cheney around 1:45 this morning.

Police found the abandoned vehicle halfway inside the store.The car left a significant amount of damage to the store.

Lincoln police think the suspects were trying to get to the a-t-m machine inside. Lincoln Fire and Rescue were called to respond when officers noticed a leak coming out of the car. It took crews a little over an hour to clear the scene. 

"At this point we have no suspects to the actual incident right here," said Sgt. Ben Seeman. "We are in the process of towing the vehicle to get further evidence to collection to see if they can get any suspects."

Police say the owner’s of the abandoned vehicle will be contacted and the investigation will continue. 

As for the store, no word yet on how much damage was caused.

We’ll bring you more information when it’s available.