LPD says woman found escapee lurking in her home

A 68-year-old Lincoln woman called police after she found a man in her apartment early Wednesday morning.

Officer Katie Flood says police arrested 28-year-old James Policky, Jr for trespassing, vandalism and disturbing the peace.  Flood says Policky was also wanted by Community Corrections for Escape.  He was serving time for a domestic assault conviction. He was classified as an escapee on July 22nd.

Police say at around 2:45 a.m., the woman heard a noise coming from her living room.  She found a man there and asked what he was doing.  She told police the man said a friend of his told him to go there.  He then put his hands in the air and walked out the front door.

Police say an LPD canine tracked Policky about a block away from the apartment near  Adams on N. 48th St.  The woman identified Policky as the intruder that entered her home.  Police also found a window screen had been cut where they believe he entered.