LPD: Shooting started over barking dog dispute

Scott Brus

By: Ashley Harding

We're learning more about the fight that led up to Tuesday's shooting between two neighbors. Lincoln police have confirmed it all started with an argument over a barking dog. Apparently, it had been an ongoing feud. They also released the names of both the victim and the shooter.

As we told you Tuesday night, the shooter turned the gun on himself shortly after this happened. For now, his victim, Isaac Durr, is in critical condition, but is stable.

Chaos in this north Lincoln neighborhood.  Several shots fired, one man hit. It's a scenario unfamiliar to most of these residents. We spoke to one neighbor who didn't want to go on camera.

“The ambulance pulled up, and there's a guy laying in the yard, and the ambulance guy grabbed him,” neighbor Katie English said.

Lincoln police say the victim, Isaac Durr was in his front yard with his 2-year-old daughter nearby.  Police say his next door neighbor Scott Brus approached them, and an argument broke out. The child was taken inside and from there, police say Brus pulled out a gun and shot Durr several times. They say this was all because of Durr's barking dog. Apparently the two had argued over the dog before.

“There are people that wind up going to extremes in these situations. Then you put a handgun in the situation. You know, Mr. Durr is probably very lucky to be alive,” Lincoln police Chief Jim Peschong said.

After the shooting, Brus drove off and led officers on a slow chase. They say he hit some parked cars and smashed into a power pole in an alley near 68th and Havelock. He was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Meanwhile, his neighbor Isaac Durr, is said to be in critical condition.

“Kind of scary. Surreal being right here in our neighborhood. Just a few house down really, so,” English said.

We spoke with Isaac Durr's aunt. She says her nephew is doing pretty well given the circumstances. We've also learned that a fund to help the family may be in the works.