LPS Brings Back School Banners

By: Cole Miller

An effort is underway to bring back something that was destroyed in the LPS District Office fire. Each year, elementary students across Lincoln create banners that represent their schools. They were lost in he fire, but maybe not forever.

The 30 banners lost in the Lincoln Public Schools District Office fire were more than just art for elementary students. Now they are asking for your help to restore the lost works. “We really worked hard on it. We worked about a month and it took a lot of people to do it. In one short week period, we only had ten minutes a day and it was probably everybody's best work they ever did in their whole life,” said Kathy Stewart.

Stewart has been teaching art at Humann Elementary for the past nine years. She took photos of the banners before they went up in flames and with the help of a local photographer, is having the pictures blown up to recreate them.

She says losing the originals took a toll on the students. “The first reaction from the students is a sense of loss. This was a part of them and they put a lot of effort into the work initially. They're ambassadors for our community and it's a great way to share children's artwork in our city,” said Stewart.

One banner has already been restored at Hill Elementary. LPS is hoping to raise $4,000 so they can finish the others, and for fifth grader Evie Barnett, if she had to, she'd repaint them herself. “It'd be so much fun to just repaint it, even get closer with some of those people that helped make it.”

The theme this year is celebrating children's art. The traveling banner exhibit has been taking place since 1994.