LPS changes for 2012-2013 school year

By:  Melina Matthes

Lincoln Public School officials are making several adjustment to the school district. 

While many students and teachers are looking forward to summer break LPS is looking forward to another school year.  Students can expect to see some of the changes when they walk through the front door this fall.

The 2012–2013 school year is just around the corner and LPS says we should expect some changes.  A decrease in federal funding for special education has caused a cut in some part–time employees, but overall the number of teachers will stay the same.

“We'll have more students so that will feel like we have a reduction in teachers but in actuality it'll be the same number just spread across more students because we're not planning at this point to add teachers for the growth of students we're expecting,” says LPS Associate Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Marilyn Moore.

Another change – 9 new principles will be added.  5 in elementary schools, 2 in the middle schools and another 2 in the high schools.   You'll also soon see a new elementary school take shape near 98th and Pine Lake.  And, one of the changes that could impact many parents, the age of new kindergarten students will be adjusted.

“Previously, a child could start kindergarten if they turned 5 by October 15th.  With the new change in state law they now have to be 5 by July 31st to start school.”

A fun fact, LPS did not have a single snow day this year.  As for the number of days students get off this summer – it's the exact same as last year.