LPS chose new site for District Office Building

By: Melina Matthes

It came down to two locations, rebuild at the old location on “O” Street, or move it to 70th near East High. Board members had mixed thoughts though, so the decision was not made easily.

The difference between the two locations was about $1 million, but in the end, the four to three vote came down to location.

It was the largest fire in Lincoln's history, burning down hard work and memories but soon the ashes from the tragedy will be swept away and a new building will stand in its place. The seven LPS board members voted in favor to rebuild on the previous existing site.

“I feel a great sense of relief and I feel like the board made the right decision for them as was exemplified by the 4-3 vote. They put a lot of heart and thought into it,” said Superintendent, Dr. Steve Joel.

Parents, teachers and administrators had a chance to weigh in on the decision. 86 percent voted in favor of staying on “O” Street. “They like the central location. They like the fact that it's accessible for family and for the community, and I think that it's a very positive step and I'm ready for the future,” said Jenni Absalon with the Lincoln Education Association.

By choosing the “O” Street location, a chunk of the land will be sold off. The two acres will become an asset for the future LPS investment, and many are already thinking about the businesses they would like to see put in.

Now that the location has been decided, the next step is designing the building. Currently, they are thinking a taller building. The new LPS district office building should be complete in 2013.