LPS Making Animation Videos

Instead of spending this summer as a couch potato watching movies, some LPS students are learning how to make their own. Some students are experimenting with claymation and others are using animation. Here's Monday, July 6ths "Excellence in Education* report.

In order for this dog to move and wag its tail, students like Isabel had to do a lot of work. First they took modeling clay and made small changes to each character and took hundreds of photos. Using a computer program called Stop Motion, every student turned the photos into a movie. 

"I made two dogs out of clay and I was animating them to make it kind of like a little bit of a bitter sweet love story, I guess you could call it," says Isabel Sheesley.

"The students just really seem to have great pride in their work. This class just really allows them to explore their creativity and they love just being on the computer," says Matt Maw.

These students also learned how to work together in teams while demonstrating a lot of patience.