LPS Math teacher of the year

Posted By: Nolan Crane


A Lincoln East High School teacher is being honored with a prestigious award. She’s also $1,000 richer because of it. Here’s Wednesday, May 6ths “Excellence in Education report.”

The LPS Foundation named Linda Roh math teacher of the year. They say she’s up to date on technology using ipads in the classroom and at home she films her lectures with examples and posts them online. She has more than 200 videos posted for the students to review. Her students say she deserves this award not only for being a great math teacher but also for being a person they can talk too.

“If you need like a safe place to come in and just talk. I’ve gone in there Ms. Roh, you know I need some help. She’ll help me with English, she’ll help me with any class subject. No matter what it is, she’s there,” says Ava Zieg.

“Honestly math is not my favorite subject, that’s for sure, but Ms. Roh does a great job of making me understand it a lot more. She makes me like it just a bit more to get through, to stay focused,” says Corbin Hubbell.

“I definitely teach because I enjoy high school students. It’s definitely something I feel is what I’m called to do. I love to mentor young men and woman and I just happen to use math as a means to do that,” says Linda Roh.

Roh has only been teaching at Lincoln East for two years. She says she’s still is shock that she’s being recognized in such a big way.