LPS reacts to transgender training controversy

By: Jenn Hatcher


Lincoln Public School officials are firing back.  It’s over national media coverage that they’ve instructed teachers to stop using gender specific pronouns, like boys and girls.  Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel says the national media’s reports are completely, untrue.  He says, “It’s irresponsible for that to have been reported that way without having access to the appropriate information.”

Joel says teachers are involved in professional development activities all the time.  Last week, one middle school held gender identity training and three flyers that were handed out are what have people upset.  One flyer, “12 easy steps on the way to gender inclusiveness,” says don’t use phrases such and boys and girls and create classroom nicknames.  The example used is “purple penguins.”  Joel says the flyers were handed out to help develop strategies to include all children.  He says nothing on the flyer is a rule for teachers, but suggestions.

Thursday night the superintendent sent out a voicemail to all district parents.  In it he says, “Our teachers are allowed to use ‘boys and girls’ in the classroom and they do so in schools everyday across the community.”

The flyers used were pulled from varying sources.  Joel says the school districts distribution in not an endorsement.  District wide school administrators are allowed to choose their own sources for training activities.

Some upset parents do plan to address the issue at an October 14th school board meeting.