LPS Renovation Plans

The Lincoln school board met Tuesday to discuss new construction projects they want to add to their 10 year program.

Back in 2006, voters approved a $250 million dollar project for school improvements and the construciton of new schools.

Today 8 of those 28 projects are completed and 20 are expected to be finished in the next 2 years.

The school board is now focused on making improvements to 11 additional schools.

For the most part the school board wants to expand these schools saying overcrowding is a problem and they want to get rid of the portables which many believe affect a student's quality of learning.

The school board also talked about remodeling Hawthorne, which was closed last year. However they don't have any specific plans for what that school will be used for.

As far as the money goes for these projects, the school board relies heavily on bonds and they talked about the slowing economy and how that could potentially affect their plans.

They said timing of when they issue these bonds will be extremely important in the future.

They will likely vote on this at their next meeting which will be October 14th.