LPS teacher nominations

Posted By: Nolan Crane


Attention LPS students and parents! There’s an important deadline coming up. Their annual teacher appreciation event is right around the corner.
Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

The staff at the Lincoln Public School’s District Office has already received more than 250 nominations for teacher of the year.

The deadline is Friday, February 20th at midnight. Five winners will be announced on March 3rd during a special ceremony.

“The student will stand in front of an audience, the student brings their family, the teachers bring their families and the student reads the letter out loud. I’m telling you the teachers often haven’t heard the letter before and the teachers are just blown away. They cry, they will say you know I had no idea that I have made such an impact on this child,” says Mary K. Roth.

This is your opportunity to give back.. And say thank you to LPS teachers. If you want to make a nomination you can do so by sending a letter to the district office located at 5905 O Street here in Lincoln. Or you can submit a nomination by visiting http://www.lps.org/apps/teacher_recognition_day/index.html