LPS wants parent input on assigned schools

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

Parents packed into the Lincoln Public Schools district office Tuesday night to learn more about which students might be assigned to the new Sally G. Wysong Elementary School and Marilyn Moore Middle School.

LPS School Board member, Ed Zimmer explained why they held the event, he said, “We never pretend that this is without impact on families and we hear from families and we hear strong views because they care about their schools and they care about their children which is exactly what we hope they do.”

During public comment many shared concern over the attendance recommendation for Moore Middle School, which will be built on the southwest corner of 84th and Yankee Hill Road.

Many of those who spoke say they live much closer to Scott Middle School, off 22nd and Pinelake.

Parent Lana Bliemeister explains her kids situation, “They go to Adams (near Scott), and then they have to go to Moore meet new friends and then those friendships will mostly go to East, where our kids will go to Southwest.”

It’s also recommended the families that live west of Highway 77 bus to Moore Middle, to help with the overcrowding at Scott Middle School.

Parent Sara Lipka says, “You’re taking the kids that are furthest from the school and busing them to the school.”

There are exceptions for some families.

LPS is discussing another open house and is also accepting comments at http://www.lps.org/2014bond/attendanceareas/ , where you can also view the maps.