LPS Worried About Possible Suicide Pact

Lincoln Public School officials said Thursday that they were concerned about some middle school students being involved in a possible suicide pact. They say the alleged pact came to light after one 13-year-old student killed himself several weeks ago.

However, Lincoln police say the department has found no evidence to support it. LPS officials defend the decision to send out 8-thousand letters to parents of junior high students warning them of this apparent pact and to heighten their awareness of suicidal tendencies in young children.

Susan Gourley, LPS Superintendent said at a news conference Thursday, “It is so important for our children and our young people to know their parents care, their school cares, their teachers care and that their community cares and that there are places for them to go.”

Both Lincoln Police and Lincoln Public Schools recommend talking to your child about the tragedy. If parents or students have concerns, or just need to talk to someone, you can call Cedars Hotline at 437-8888.