LSO: Man arrested for delivering Fetanyl

A Lincoln man is behind bars for taking drugs to a woman who overdosed on them.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office arrested Cory Harrington yesterday for delivery of a controlled substance.  It says Harrington had gave the pain killer Fentanyl to his ex–girlfriend, Charity Jacobson, who overdosed and died from the drug back in January.

LSO says the prescription drug is becoming a problem.  Captain Ben Houchin says, “it is one of those that we are beginning to see a lot more deaths from.  The way they are shooting the drug up is, they put the distilled water in as they take the Fentanyl out of the patch. It's not always easy to determine how much Fentanyl is going into the syringe and that is the reason they can overdose.”

LSO says it can't confirm that the Fetanyl Jacobson overdosed on was the same one Harrington delivered the day before her death.

This is the second Fetanyl-related death in Lancaster County.